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A Better Approach to Cellular Biologics

EmCyte Corporation has become a leader in autologous cellular biologics with the new GenesisCS Pure and 544E Concentrating Systems.  These systems provide patients with the best opportunity for rapid recovery and provide practitioners with the most advanced clinical point of care experience.  These systems are developed to meet every clinical requirement, giving the physician a better clinical choice.  These devices have been independantly reviewed for 2015 and show to produce buffycoat concentrations of greater than 10x with yields of greater than 90%.  As with all point of care concentrating systems, the outcomes will vary based on the quality of the baseline sample and other factors that may affect processing.


Patients have enjoyed great success when receiving this therapy. This amazing therapy consist of the careful extraction of concentrated platelets and other regenerative cell types from your own blood. These cells are then re-suspended in a small volume your blood plasma and then applied to the treatment site.


Devices with Improved Safety, Sterility, Handling & Performance