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Premium Concentrating System

The GenesisCS point of care concentrating systems has strong performance outcomes and outstanding product stability. Utilizing the minimally invasive approach and the GenesisCS Platelet Concentrating System, a small sample of blood or can be safely attained from the patient to produce concentrated growth factors. These cells possess the unmatched potential to proliferate and differentiate into site-specific tissue, which is essential to the healing process.

GenesisCS Platelet Concentrating System has many benefits.

The Outstanding Benefits Active Displacement Disc Technology (ADDT)

ADDT provides the operator with direct access to the platelet buffycoat layer, providing a high yielding concentrate.  This single feature provides optimal flexibility, allowing the operator to adjust platelet concentrations on the fly.

Consistent Outcomes Regardless of Volume or Hematocrit

ADDT accesses the concentrate at any point of separation. The GenesisCS Platelet Concentrating System is not volume or hematocrit dependent.  Users can process any volume amount in the Concentrating Device.  GenesisCS is designed to function even when less than optimal blood samples are attained.

Closed System Processing

Closed system processing maximizes safety & ensures sterility throughout the process.

Two (2) Sterile Barrier Entries

The least sterile barrier entries of all systems. It reduces contamination exposure and processing steps.

Full Swinging Bucket with Soft Braking Technology

Optimizes separation & enhances the buffycoat concentrate. GenesisCS Executive Series Centrifuge provide full vertical to horizontal separation in a smooth and unhindered motion. With soft braking technology the acceleration and deceleration is controlled to prevent the buffycoat from re-suspending into the plasma after separation.

Short Single Spin

Improves efficiency while maintaining optimal performance

Active Displacement Disc

Full Swinging Bucket Technology

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